Monday, July 9, 2012

Lilly's Pizza

Laura tells us about the new, and much talked about, Lilly's Pizza location in Durham.  Makes me crave a 'pie.'

Being the Tuesday and Friday morning regular at Parker & Otis that I am, for months, I’ve watched the construction of Lilly’s Pizza.  A Raleigh pizzeria branching out to Downtown Durham with its second location, Lilly’s Pizza prides itself on organic, all-natural, fresh, local fare.  Tucked away behind Brightleaf Square, sharing parking spaces with Morgan Imports and Parker & Otis, with outdoor tables overlooking the train tracks, Lilly’s Pizza serves everything from appetizers to gourmet pizzas, calzones and strombolis to desserts.  Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free pizza options are also available.

A few weeks after its opening, despite reading lukewarm reviews online, our family of 4 decided to check it out.  Despite arriving at the early bird, kid-friendly, hour of 5:30pm on a Saturday night, Lilly’s Pizza was already getting crowded.  With the temperatures hovering around 105 degrees outside, the quaint tables next to the train tracks were empty.  We were seated in the backroom, which was open, airy and very loud; its walls decorated with art for sale by local artists.  There was a mix of families, college kids and adults-only seated near us.  I was surprised to see they did not have a kids menu.  However, a 10 inch cheese pizza was the perfect size for S & B to split.  And they made it half with/half without sauce since S suddenly decided to forsake her Italian heritage and shun tomato sauce.  The hostess even brought around construction paper and crayons to entertain the kids in our room, which was a nice touch.

The hubs and I split the Big Star pizza -- homemade cream of pesto, mozzarella, parmesan, gorgonzola, fontina, roasted red peppers & pistachios.  It was kind of amazing.  Everyone talks about Lilly’s Pizza’s crust . . . and they are right.  It is just that good!  The problem . . . the service was definitely off.  It was painfully slow.  It took almost an hour for us to get our meal.  We even ordered an appetizer to tide the kids over, just in case, but the breadsticks actually arrived after our pies did . . . and they were burned.  The waitstaff appeared a bit overwhelmed but to be fair the restaurant did just open a month ago.  They definitely have a few kinks to work out, but based on how delicious our Big Star pizza leftovers were on Sunday morning, we’ll definitely give them another chance!

Lilly’s Pizza

810 W. Peabody St.
Durham, 27701
(919) 797 2554
Hours:  Sun–Thurs 11am – 10pm; Fri–Sat 11am – 12am

1813 Glenwood Ave

(919) 833-0226



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Love Lily's here in Raleigh


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