Thursday, August 16, 2012

Arts & Crafts Thursday: Spud Stamping

Another vastly more creative and special A.C.T. today than our adventures in paint-smearing here -from the ladies at My SweetArts.
Spud stamping is one of our favorite activities at My SweetArts. The materials are easy to find, all ages can participate, and it is so versatile!

At our houses, we always have at least one potato that is destined to the composter – too green or beginning to sprout a beanstalk. We have the perfect way to reuse those old spuds – stamping. You can make your own stamp shapes or use your cookie cutter shapes to create fun, whimsical shapes for everyday art, fabric printing, or even to create holiday cards (based on what cookie cutters you have on hand).
• Potatoes (you can try other fruit, we also used an old apple past its prime, living in the fridge).
• Cookie Cutter (optional) or paring knife
• Heavy paper stock, mat board, cardboard, thick paper plates, fabric
• Paint. If you don’t have any on hand, make your own with equal parts flour, salt and water and add food coloring.

1. Cut your potato in half. (We cut the length of the potato to accommodate our large cookie cutter)
2. Press the cookie cutter deep into the potato

3. Cut into the side of the cookie cutter, running the knife around the potato until it hits cookie cutter. The cookie cutter maintains and protects the shape of the stamp. 
4. Pull off the slice of potato from around the outside of the cookie cutter.
5. Pull out the cookie cutter and voila you have a perfect stamp! 

If you do not have cookie cutters on hand, you can make your own geometric shapes. Cut the potato in half and then make a shape with your paring knife. Remove the side pieces by slicing inward along the side of your shape.
We recommend making the stamps when little hands are not nearby. You can always prep during naptime and then store the potato stamps in a tub of water in the refrigerator.

For some musical fun, sing the playground classic One, Potato, Two Potato

One Potato, Two Potatoes
One potato  - Two potatoes
 -Three potatoes 
- Four!
Five potatoes
 - Six potatoes
- Seven potatoes - 
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• Sweet Mix (open to all ages, great for families) @ 9:20 AM • Sweet Mix (open to all ages, great for families) @ 10:45 AM

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