Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kultured Kidz

From Sarah C.:

Katie has shared with us some of the tasty delights that await in North Raleigh's Lafayette Village (ie, Upper Crust Bakery and Simply Crepes), but here is another good reason to visit - Kultured Kidz. This is a free event offered each Wednesday morning.

D and I stopped by last week to see what it was all about. We quickly spotted the kids and adults milling around the stage area in the Village Green. We had to detour to explore the fountain in the center of the Green first (3 year old priorities!). As we approached the stage, we were warmly greeted and told about the day's project - making a hat. To tie in with Lafayette Village's European atmosphere, all the projects are designed with that theme in mind. For the hat, each child was given a picture of the Beast from Beauty & the Beast to decorate, cut out and adhere to a paper band. The supplies included glue, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, poof balls and crayons. Each child was encouraged to explore the options and make their hat any way they chose.

The children we saw were mainly 2-4 years old but there were a couple of older children. This is a "weather permitting" activity as it is outdoors. It happened to be overcast while we were there which made for very comfortable weather, but there is an awning over the stage to help keep things a little cooler on sunny days.

You could certainly make a full outing of this by visiting some of the shops and/or restaurants afterward. Bring some spare change to toss into the fountain (all proceeds are donated to animal rescue). And if your little one still has energy, encourage them to run a few laps around the Village Green. We spotted several kids having fun running circles and hoping around on the stepping stones that lead to the fountain.

Be sure to check this out soon as the 2012 offering only runs through September 25th. I was told that they are considering adding a 2nd day to the schedule next year to add more opportunity to attend.

Kultured Kidz provided by Kidz Go Nutz
Lafayette Village
http://www.lafayettevillageraleigh.com/ | Events - Kultured Kidz
8450 Honeycutt Road

2012 Schedule: each Wednesday May 2nd - Sept 25th, 10am - 12pm



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