Monday, August 13, 2012

Music Explorium & Family Rhythm Jam

My friend and blog-contributor Stacey attended a birthday bash at Music Explorium which she and her son both loved.  So she recommended this spot for C (who loves to bang drums as you may remember from this article here).  When we were in town for one of their 2nd Saturday Family Rhythm Jams we went with some friends.

This was so fun!  Music Explorium is a small space off of 55 in Durham.  It is an easy drive from I-40 and the space, while not huge, is very nice.  The main focus of Music Explorium efforts is percussion and electric violins.  Kind of odd but these are the talents of the owners, who are also the instructors.  I have to say that Cathy, who led the Rhythm Jam we attended, was great.  She had a wonderful way with kids of all ages - encouraging them to learn and be students but never pushing too hard.  She had a great spirit and clearly enjoyed what she was doing.

When it comes to kids, there are 3 main ways to use Music Explorium: 1) rent the space for a birthday party(ages 3 & up) which will last around 90-minutes and include puppets, crafts to make instruments, and a lot of music; 2) Drum Club for Kids ages 5-8 which is sessions based (parents can either stay and drum, too, or leave their children for lessons); or 3) 2nd Saturdays Family Rhythm Jam.

Family Rhythm Jam is for kids ages 3 and up and is meant to be done as a family.  Note that if you have a child smaller than 3 they are certainly welcome to come but they will not be active participants or truly benefit from the Jam session.

Cathy leads the group in activities to encourage rhythm and group drumming.  There were so many drums here, too, that despite the large group we had there were enough drums for everyone, parents included.  After group work each child was given an opportunity to lead the group in a call/response activity.  We then moved on to using other percussive instruments to tell a story and ended with Cathy performing a puppet show.

The cost for 2nd Saturday Family Rhythm Jam is $10 per family, cash or check, and the session is 1 hour.

Music Explorium
5314 NC Hwy 55
Suite 107


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