Thursday, September 13, 2012

Arts & Crafts Thursday: No-Iron Suncatchers

A long time ago now I shared a little tutorial on how to make the melted crayons suncatchers that I grew up loving.  However, that can get a little hot, messy, and touchy what with that hot iron around kids and all.  I was pleasantly surprised to read about a no-iron suncatcher project in The Toddler's Busy Book (which I loved on here).  This actually worked out so well for us!

  • Leaves, flowers, or any other flat object you want to "catch" - I let C go out in the yard and pick what he wanted to use
  • Paint - we used tempera on recommendation but not necessary
  • Glue
  • Water
  • Wax Paper
  • Paint Brush
  • Bowl

Start by squeezing some glue into the bowl, watering it down slightly, and adding just a little of your paint color to the concoction.  A little goes a long way here.  Eventually you want it to be thin enough to spread but still stick, and with enough color to give it some tint.

Cut 2 pieces of wax paper to the same size.

"Paint" both pieces of wax paper with the glue/paint mixture.  Couple of notes: 1- It will start to bead up a little bit since you are, after all, putting wet stuff on to wax paper but it doesn't matter that much; and 2- Since it is a glue you are spreading around it can get a little sticky.  I had to help my toddler by holding the edges of the wax paper down so he could paint, but you could also tape the edges to the table if you want.  (Just trying to help you be successful and avoid potential toddler-frustrated-tantrums.)

Take your leaf (or whatever you are using), place it on one of the pieces of painted wax paper.

Place the other piece of wax paper, paint side down, right on top, creating a sandwich to capture the item you want.

Smash it all together nice and tight, and wait for it to dry.  As it dries the glue/paint mixture will be less opaque and more transparent than it is right after creation, so be patient and hang in there!

Trim the edges.  When done, you have a great little window ornament.  You can punch holes in the top and use string to dangle these in front of your window.  Of course, you know that I am all about the less-classy but also most-efficient crafting possible so we stuck those suckers on the window with good ole Scotch tape.

We all love them, and they certainly add an element of fall to our home now.  With no singed fingertips or smells of melted wax.  Win!


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