Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Duke Gardens Family Backpack

The other week when my boys and I were exploring the new Charlotte Brody Discovery Gardens over at Duke Gardens we also made another "discovery": the family backpack.

This was a nice little addition to our trip.  There are a few things to know, though, before I dive in: 1- the volunteer working the information center's desk had no idea what I was referring to when I asked for one of these, I had to push a little and 2- the head of education at the Gardens is in the process of changing the backpack a little bit, still to be determined but generally the same idea.

All of the literature we saw states that you leave a $5 refundable deposit to use one of the backpacks but we were not asked to.  Either way, if you leave $5 you get it back when the backpack is returned.

Inside the backpack were all kinds of goodies to enhance a child's visit to the gardens: crayons and flower stencils, bird watching and spotting information, a magnifying glass, kid binoculars (C absolutely loved these), plant identification cards, colored pencils, a garden scavenger hunt with pictures of all the wonderful things you could see.  We were even given some duck food with which to feed the ducks (the gardens ask that you only feed the ducks the specific food provided).

As I said, this backpack really got C more engaged in the Gardens so I hope that more families use this.  I will be curious to see how they change with any updates made but we were fans.

Family Backpack at Duke Gardens
Duke Gardens
Education & Events Sarah P Duke Gardens 420 Anderson Street (on Duke campus)



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