Friday, September 21, 2012

GO NC! Project

One of the things about this little website that I love is how we now get really wonderful information about new and exciting developments around the Triangle and even the state sent to us.  I was recently contacted about a new initiative Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina has launched and it is pretty awesome (my 3 year old loves that word now so we use it a lot).

Those of you who know my "real" identity know that I have a thing for fitness and being outdoors.  A thing may equal obsession, but I am what I am.  So when a major company announces investments to the tune of $4 million over 4 years to encourage folks all over North Carolina to get outside, get healthy, and get active, I want to give them a big blog-hug.  That's right, BCBSNC is investing $4 million to Get Outside North Carolina! ("GO NC!").

In the Triangle BCBSNC has paired up the North Carolina Museum of Art and the first order of business is to build the Blue Loop in Raleigh.  The Blue Loop will be a paved 2 mile trail, scheduled for completion in Spring 2013, that intersects with the Museum's currently existing trail (we wrote about that in our article here).

More places to get outside with your kids means more for me to love!

GO NC! will also have an impact in Wilmington where the funds will be focused on the completion of the Gary Shell Cross-City Trail (see more about Wilmington in our article here).

And since our friend the Queen City is so close us, I have to tell you all about the great project GO NC! has launched in Charlotte.  This is the project that gets me swooning the most and I hope when you head to Charlotte to visit one of the many wonderful spots we've told you about you use this program!  It's called Charlotte B-Cycle.  It's a city bike share program.  BCBSNC put 200 bikes at 20 rental stations all over Uptown Charlotte.  For $8 you can rent a bike for 24 hours, although you do then have to pay $4 for every 30 minute increment you use the bike (ex:30 minutes on a bike is $12).  Just head to the bike station, pay, get your bike out, then return your bike to any one of the various stations around Charlotte.  This is great, especially on the day of a Carolina Panthers game!

Pretty neat, huh?  Maybe one day the Triangle area will get another GO NC! grant to have our own B-Cycle.  Any one with me on that?

Blue Loop in Raleigh
Charlotte B-Cycle Program


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