Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Huckleberry Trail Farm

I love pumpkin farms (and yeah, even if it is 80 degrees out we all still dress in flannel and jeans when we go because, well, that's what you do when you go get your pumpkin).  Accordingly, I was very excited to dress all my boys in flannel and try out a new spot towards Siler City this past weekend.  With allstars like Phillips, Green Level, Green Acres, Ganyard, McKee's, Vollmer, Hubb's, and Hill Ridge all vying for your attention it can take a lot for a newbie to get going.  I was pleased that Huckelberry Trail was such a successful visit for our family.

Huckleberry Trail Farm is a smaller place with a family feel on the other side of town from where you normally go.  This is on 64, past Pittsboro not quite to Siler City.  It is actually very easy to get to.  They are brand new.  We were there visiting on just their 5th day of business.

Huckleberry Trail has a lot of really fabulous activities that you know and love from fall places: a small hay maze for kids, corn hole, duck races down the water pump slides...and such things that most kids love.  There is also a huge corn maze for families to go through, complete with 12 educational stations hidden within (you could take your pick from 1 of 3 topics to learn about).  There are 2 big boxes full of dried corn for kids to play in (The Bug loved those).  Some of the kids were getting in these boxes as if they were corn cribs.  They are elevated but they will hold the weight, so use your discretion.  If you think your child won't go careening off the edges, have at it.  There also are little surprise games around such as bubbles, pumpkin checker/chess, pumpkin bowling, baseball, hula hoops, old vintage games such as paddleboard and ball in a cup (Family Guy reference any one?), a table to play with blocks, bang nails in to pumpkins, and to paint on your pumpkins.  There is even a beautiful little photo spot set up with hay bales, a view, signs, pumpkins, and mums.  I got one of my favorite pictures ever of my boys there. 
This all happens in one large field, which means line of sight is fantastic for parents.  DH and C could be over at one "station" while The Bug and I could be over at another yet we could easily see each other.

There is a hay ride that, in theory, leaves every 30 minutes from the main field but they are pretty flexible with this schedule.  If you are ready to go, they'll take you.  The hay ride goes a short distance behind the corn maze and over to the pumpkin and cotton fields.  Here you can pick out your pumpkin to take home with you (pumpkins are an additional charge).  One thing to note about Huckleberry is that this takes walking in a real pumpkin patch to a new level: there will be rotting pumpkins around as well as picture-book perfect pumpkins to take home.  Wear good shoes if you are walking through here!  We didn't mind since we're pretty easy going and it is a real farm afterall, but I'd hate for your kiddos to step in an old pumpkin on accident and you driving home smelling it, cursing MiCHill. 

We also got to pick cotton here, which I have to say was pretty awesome.  C and I donned the gloves and safety goggles and got down and dirty picking at the white, fluffy stuff.  Man, it makes you really appreciate how much work goes in to that simple tshirt you are wearing.

So what makes Huckleberry unique?  I would say that a combination of three things really made this special for us, since there are so many activities that most kids would enjoy: 1- t\There was plenty of space and not too many folks.  I can't guarantee that this will last forever since there is 1 more weekend before Halloween and I imagine they'll be "discovered" soon, but they do have that big field that can accomodate a bunch of groups. 2- The views .  Even though this is right off of 64 so you get some highway traffic noise, it sits up on a hill and you can see some gorgeous farms, farmhouses, and hills in the Pittsboro/Siler City area.  We really liked it up there.  3- Te staff was so incredibly friendly.  I mean, really, genuinely, "hey I like chatting with you and your kids are awesome" friendly.
Huckleberry Trail Farms, like most fall stops, is only open for one more weekend.  Bathrooms are port-a-johns, there are some snacks for sale but feel free to bring a picnic, bring a jogging stroller or baby carrier, and definitely bring your camera.

Admission is $8 for adults, $6 for kids 3 - 12, and free to kids under 3.  Prices do not include a pumpkin but pumpkins of various sizes and price (grown on the farm) are available for sale.  Don't forget to wear your flannel!

Huckleberry Trail Farm
143 Pleasant Hill Church Road
Siler City, NC
919-432-HUCK (4825)


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