Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mommy Time: Luxury Nail Spa

Today is another post in our new series "Mommy Time" from Teresa (and I totally want to get a color like that on my toes, too):

When I think about getting some mommy time, one of the first things I think about is getting a spa treatment. To me, a massage is the ultimate spa treatment (and a future blog post), but sometimes I am looking for something a little quicker, and less expensive, but will still provide some moments of pampering. Enter pedicure.
I work outside the home with regular hours, so often I try to take advantage of time during lunch to run errands. But, today, I chose to get a pedicure at Luxury Nail Spa in Durham. It is close to where I work, so it was a perfect choice. It is a fairly large place with comfy chairs, books and magazines, and flat screen tv’s on the wall. Lunch time seemed to be a great time, because it wasn’t too busy, although I still called ahead and made an appointment.

When relaxing with my feet in the warm bubbly water, I got to thinking, “I should do this more often!” It’s not just about getting a new color on the pigs (even though I do like the glittery pumpkin orange color I picked for the season), it is about taking a little breather, and having some nice calm moments of relaxation. Which this pedicure certainly accomplished. I probably could have taken a nap in that chair.

Manicures start at $14, and pedicures at $25. The have several pedicure packages you can choose from, even one that includes a full reflexology treatment. I just went with the basic pedicure, and still enjoyed a leg massage and salt scrub treatment. The staff was friendly and professional, and I thought they did a great job.

Luxury Nail Spa also offers waxing, facials, and massage.

Luxury Nail Spa
2816 Erwin Road, Suite 103



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