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Raleigh Mompreneurs

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I do so hope all you readers understand how much phenomenal talent there is the Triangle.  A lot of times we get the short stick since we're not Washington, DC or NYC.  But a few weeks ago now I was privileged to attend the first-ever conference run by Raleigh  Mompreneurs, "Illuminate."  It was actually my first-ever attendance at a Raleigh Mompreneurs ("RM") event.  I was, yet again, amazed by the amounts of impressive women that live in my own backyard.

And let me say right away that if you are a Mom who is a small business owner/starting a new business/in business for herself, get on board.  RM is a fabulous resource for you.

Cary Heise, of Social Butterflies NC and Stay At Home Rock Star design fame, created RM. She states that through both her businesses she was constantly interacting with small business owners, usually moms. So she created the platform of Raleigh Mompreneurs for these women to get to know each other as well.  Cary says, "My hope is that women are using Raleigh Mompreneurs to reach out to one another for cross-promoting, personal and business support, challenging one another, holding one another accountable with goals. I want the Mom at home with a business to feel connected and plugged into a community of women just like her!"  I feel like it works.

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RM is for any mom who owns her own business (direct sales, professional photographer, Etsy shop, coach, brick and mortar shops, etc.) who is looking to connect with other business-minded women who can share the experience of balancing Mom and Mompreneur.  Those of you trying to do both - be both a career woman and a mom - know that it is a tough balance.  RM is a place where you can laugh about how hard it is (waving screaming children away while on a conference call, for example), get reinspired to keep working at what you are doing, network, and also learn some practical tips.  At the Illuminate conference, for starters, I learned some incredible financial tips from  Lori at My Shoebox Bookkeeper and some Social Media and Blogging tips from Melissa over at Momcomm.  Gaye at Redefine Balance was a warm and nurturing Life Coach and we were also treated to a detailed session by Christy at Be True Image Designs about creating your own brand and marketing tips.  There is real world stuff here.

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The mission of Raleigh Mompreneurs is to: "include all small business Moms and provide a warm environment to network and to learn together. We encourage networking and connecting. We value the 'Mom' in Mompreneur. We offer education on all aspects of business, from small business finance advice to hot social media tips."

RM itself is not a business, it is a service. Anyone joining can expect that the women that write for RM and help to organize events are contributing their time out of pure passion for encouraging and inspiring other Moms.  There are subgroups for specific businesses such as Direct Sales and Professional Photographers where you can dive even further into brainstorms and practical tips precisely related to you.  So get on their (very active) Facebook page (see below) to get going.

RM has monthly networking and learning events that are casual and very welcoming.  They will never ask you to give a 30 second commercial so you do not need to come prepared with a presentation.  Just come looking forward to connect with women who are passionate about business and meeting other Moms in business.  I strongly encourage you to attend.

And to all you Mompreneurs out there: good luck and keep going!

Raleigh Mompreneurs
Twitter: @RalMompreneurs

* Like the photos?  Check out JoBe Images.  Again, another phenomenally talented Mompreneur living in our town.*



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