Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rise Biscuits & Doughnuts

If you follow our Instagram feed you saw our ode to a beautiful biscuit picture a few weeks ago.  That was in Rise and I am so excited they are here.  Rise is located in Renaissance over near Southpoint, right by the Target, the new Kid to Kid, Peek-a-Do's new location, and Moonberries.  In short, it's a great and dangerous location.

Rise is a walk up counter that offers delicious, buttery biscuit and biscuit sandwiches as well as perfect gourmet doughnuts.  Some of the doughnut flavors are surprising (a bacon doughnut, a S'Mores doughnut, and so on) but they are really good.

Inside Rise you will find a family-friendly spot.  In the back is a tiny little kitchen area for kids to play in (and I have yet to see it unused in my now multiple trips there), there is a huge chalkboard for drawing on and sharing thoughts, and a lot of books to grab and read.

I have yet to visit Rise when it isn't busy and crowded so expect a bit of a wait.  However, while you wait, you can help yourself to some coffee (brilliant) and the line moves really fast.  There isn't a ton of seating inside; however, we haven't had a problem when we've gone.

The only thing I would change about Rise is that it closes at 2 pm.  I could nosh on some doughnuts with my kids and friends after a late afternoon trip to Target.

Now I realize this place is a huge temptation if your New Year's Resolution involves losing weight.  But Rise has low-fat, vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options, too.

I am thrilled that Rise is open and glad they are already seeing so much success.

Renaissance Village
8200 Renaissance Parkway
Suite 1003


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