Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stone's Education Superstore

From Sarah C.:

Stone's Education Superstore has been a fixture in Raleigh for years. I recall driving past during my days at NCSU when I thought it was "teachers only." I just recently ventured in for the first time both for the purpose of sharing and to search out a specific item for D. What I discovered? I'll be visiting a lot.

This store is huge! Well, far greater than I ever imagined it could be. It's in a fairly nondescript metal building along Tryon Rd. Step in through the doors and the world of education is spread about you as far as you can see. It encompasses so much more than "just" teacher supplies. Sure, you'll find bulletin board decor and flash cards but you'll also find Melissa & Doug and Playmobil items.

I was so taken in by everything, I had to ask for directions to the specific paper I was looking for. There is plenty of order to the layout. I just hadn't expected so much and was trying to keep a grip on my 3yo who wanted to run and explore every inch as well.

He also wanted to play which made our discovery of the kids play area behind the registers a huge hit. We found it pretty early in our visit and D wanted to stay and play and play. A train table, Playmobil pieces, Mr Potato Head, puzzles, books, etc. It had plenty to entertain.

Besides the number of options & fun play area available under one roof, I was also impressed with the knowledge the staff possessed. I had come in search of lined paper for D to practice writing his letters on. Something so simple but I was struggling to find in other stores. I mentioned earlier that I asked for help in locating it. The sales associate led me to the options - there were a lot - and then chatted with me about it. I explained to her a couple of things we were working on such as holding a pencil correctly. She immediately had suggestions including a special pencil. I did end up buying it and it really has made a difference. He's not perfectly holding all crayons & pencils now but does understand is getting closer to correct. I was pleased that she took time to listen to me and make recommendations of how to help him learn and grow. That's huge to any parent.

If you're in search of a new workbook, homeschooling literature, or even a toy for your child, I highly suggest visiting Stone's.

Stone's Education Store
3800 Tryon Road

Monday - Saturday 9a - 6p
Sunday 12p - 6p



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